Wealth solution: custom Portfolio creation and management

Choose Diagram Capital as your trusted partner in the world of institutional and professional investing. Our comprehensive suite of wealth management services includes the construction of bond-equity portfolios, portfolio rebalancing, and expert investment advisory throughout every stage of cooperation.

Asset management

We offer investment strategy and model portfolio creation, including risk profiling, purchase of financial assets with expert execution (unbiased equity and bond selection), and assistance with custodian banking.


Achieve substantial growth by implementing effective money management strategies

Choose your case:

1. Professional investor with liquid assets ranging from €1 to €10 million, seeking financial allocation into a set of secure and highly liquid market instruments.

What to expect: multi-market portfolio creation to accommodate the risk-return needs, as well as to make a portfolio highly liquid and safe against local "dips" and crisis of local banking and corporate entities.

2. Professional investor who has faced challenges related to asset mobility, yields, or risks and seeks to restructure their current investments to build a more efficient and accessible portfolio.

What to expect: in-depth portfolio analysis and provision of second opinion, as well as adjustment of the current portfolio to risk appetites and required liquidity ratio and investment horizons

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Diagram Capital is an investment company that provides expert guidance and support to FinTech ventures and professional clients. Diagram Capital Limited is a company incorporated in England with registration number 10437925, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with FRN 766786.