About Diagram Capital

Diagram Capital was founded by a team of highly experienced business banking professionals with an average collective track record of over two decades in private banking, wealth management, brokerage, private equity, and investments.

Following a recent merger with a leading global technology group, Diagram Capital has expanded its horizons to enter the FinTech industry, taking charge of pioneering projects for innovative finance ventures seeking robust market entry strategies and accelerated revenue growth.

With a strong presence in the UK and European markets, Diagram Capital extends its services to FinTechs across the globe, delivering unparalleled financial expertise and strategic insights to drive business success.

What Services we provide?

Experience the precision of our account opening service, designed to ensure the utmost security of your investments with licensed custodians. We stand by your side, offering regulatory support that aligns seamlessly with FCA requirements, so you can proceed with peace of mind.

Our seasoned experts will work collaboratively with you to develop a bespoke investment strategy, finely tuned to suit your individual financial objectives. Experience the artistry of model portfolio creation and management, carefully balancing risk and reward to deliver optimal performance.

As you embark on your financial journey, rest assured that the purchase of financial assets will be executed with the utmost care and expertise. With our sharp suite of services, you can confidently carve your path to financial success. Embrace the power of precision and watch your investments thrive.

Discuss your case with us

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Diagram Capital is an investment company that provides expert guidance and support to FinTech ventures and professional clients. Diagram Capital Limited is a company incorporated in England with registration number 10437925, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with FRN 766786.