What Diagram Capital brings to your Fintech Venture?

At Diagram Capital, we specialise in comprehensive money management and sophisticated tailor-made investment portfolios.

Whether you are seeking effective cash management solutions or personalised investment strategies for your Fintech venture, we’ve got you covered.

Our primary focus is on firms that have a strong understanding of the technological movement of funds but may have overlooked the potential for additional earnings and income generation.

In the current climate of rapid growth in investment rates, base interest rates, and galloping inflation, we provide a unique opportunity to maximise your returns without sacrificing liquidity.

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Generate additional revenue streams beyond your core business activities


Get expert assistance to unlock the full potential of your investments


Achieve substantial growth by implementing effective money management strategies

We offer:

Account opening with a licensed custodian
Regulatory support as required by the FCA
Investment strategy development
Model portfolio creation and management
Purchase of financial assets and expert execution

Diagram Capital is an investment company that provides expert guidance and support to FinTech ventures and professional clients. Diagram Capital Limited is a company incorporated in England with registration number 10437925, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with FRN 766786.